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WIP Wednesday May 18, 2011

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The weather seems to be stuck on chilly, rainy,and nasty. Thus, the kids begged me to knit. So, I declare today WIP Wednesday (WIP = work in progress). We’re going to ignore my WIPs this week, because I have too many (a sock, blanket, quilt, elephant etc.) and mine are much less adorable.

Lyla is currently working on an elephant knit flat. She is using a pretty light purple Kids Rock bulky weight and size 7 needles. Technically this is a nellyphant, but Lyla thinks that is WAY too silly. (in a spirit of full disclosure, I did the binding off, and casting on. The rest is all her)

Connor is working on his first ever knitting project. It is a scarf using Kids Rock bulky in a handsome dark blue on size 15 needles. He did not knit the whole scarf, as you can imagine, he gets bored after about 4 rows. I knit for a bit until he loses interest, or wants to try again. He worked on it quite a bit this morning.

Lyla helped him learn today by teaching him a learning aid she learned in knitting class: “the bird flies out of the barn. (push needle through loop) grabs the worm (wrap the yarn) comes back into the barn (bring needle and yarn back through loop) and EATS the worm! (take needle and new loop off of working needle.)” the needles being different colors helps because I can tell him: “you have a blue barn and red bird now!” or the other way, depending.

And now for the pictures: (posting from iPod still. So I don’t know how to integrate them into the post :/)